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Sol Room

This room is under roof, so it has the sloping ceiling, covered with wood and with the structure of exposed beams. Has a window in the wall and two in the roof, one in the bedroom, and another in the bathroom. It is the largest room of the house, there are two bathrooms and Sol Room bathroom occupies more than half of the total space. The distribution of this room is a little special, has a bed of 1, 50 cm, a spa tub and a sink of wood in the same space of the bedroom; with a separate bathroom.
The Sol Room, in addition to being a very romantic room, ideal for couples, it is also a very familiar room, since its great breadth allows you to install two more single beds, of 90 cm, and even a cot, at the same time; although, of course, the free space is somewhat reduced; in these cases, the most convenient option, so long as the age of the children tells you to do so, is to divide the family between this room and the Lua, reserved for the smaller, so that the whole family together will have a floor only for them.