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Madriña Room

The best memory I have from my grandmother is her wavy french fries. She cut them with the edge of a sharpen tin, I guess she would have brought it from Germany, just like the electric kettle, the food mill, and some other strange things that had been by the house and had brought at the return of the emigration.
Her room was a forbidden area for children; its huge wardrobe of three doors was full of colorful clothing, costumes, cloths for the head, and other things that could not be touched. I, my brothers and my cousins, their children, that were very mischievous, decorate with stickers, and some even remains. The nightstands have shoes and the bed was so voluminous that we changed to make more room. So the room of my godmother is today a broad room, with two windows in the bedroom, walls with granite stone and an interior bathroom with wooden furniture and hydro-massage bath. It has a 1.35 m bed in chestnut wood.
Has enough space for a rollaway bed and a cot when necessary.