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Madriña Room

The best memory I have from my godmother is her wavy french fries. She cut them with the edge of a sharpened tin, she got it from Germany when she returned home from emigration, I guess!, just like an electric kettle, a food mill, and some other bits around the house.

Her room was a forbidden area for children; its huge three door wardrobe was full of colourful garments, suits, head scarfs, and other bits that could not be touched. Myself, my siblings and my cousins and their children, that were very naughty! Decorated the wardrobe with stickers, some still remain, as I didn’t t managed to remove them all.
The nightstands used to house shoes and the bed was so voluminous that we changed it to make more room. My godmother’s room is today a spacious room, with two windows in the bedroom, the granite stone walls are exposed and it has a windowless on-.suite with wooden furniture and hydro-massage bath. It has a double bed in chestnut wood.
This room has enough space for an extra bed and a cot if required.